Lodging Magazine March Edition 2012

February, 2012

Dwelling on Lodging

As new Editor-in-Chief of e*Concepts and e*Concierge Live, I’m happy to report as the first matter of interest that we will be featured in the March 2012 edition of Lodging. We’re very excited about the exposure of e*Concepts and e*Concierge Live in such a widely-read publication. According to information on the Lodging Facebook page,“Lodging is read monthly by more than 40,000 hotel owners, managers and executives.”Wow! That’s quite an impressive readership. To give a little more background and appreciation for the breadth of the magazine, check this out:

“Lodging magazine is the official magazine of the American Hotel & Lodging Association, Lodging informs and inspires owners and operators through award-winning features, departments, and columns. Topics range from the operational — design, technology, marketing, food & beverage — to development and franchising to governmental affairs. Many of the industry’s best minds contribute to Lodging. Regular contributors include Smith Travel Research on industry performance and PKF Consulting for industry financial trends and issues. Through its partnership with AH&LA, the magazine is able to tap the expertise of the AH&LA’s many specialty committees — technology, marketing, security and loss prevention, human resources, and legal issues.”

We feel confident that with some solid focus on us in Lodging, we will gain some great exposure. Why not join the masses and get on board by advertising with us at a good introductory contract rate? Consider advertising with e*Concepts to promote your business, product, or services. We are growing rapidly and are in negotiations with several national hotel chains. We can easily help to augment your marketing needs in hotels, business establishments, trade shows – just about anywhere involving people. Many of our current locations have well over 500,000 visitors per year! That’s a lot of really great exposure.

So make a mental note to check us out in the March 2012 issue of Lodging. Of course, we’ll be sure to give you a friendly reminder — and maybe even a sneak preview. With 40,000 current readers of the publication, we’ll be looking for some solid feedback regarding e*Concepts. If we must say so ourselves, we’re confident that it will be positive!

Kathleen Back Brady



e*Concepts Advertising



We are expanding! e*Concepts Advertising is proud to announce three new clients in Baltimore and New York.

If you own or operate a high volume traffic business anywhere in the US consider looking at e*Concepts. e*Concepts Advertising can provide you an additional source of  income, as much as $6000 – $7000  additionally per year from our advertising revenue.  We provide and install our iPad or tablet full of national, regional and local advertising. You can choose from a variety of  tablet security enclosures that  you would like us to install on your counter. That’s it!  There are no up-front costs or monthly fees. We give you money to be our client!

Advertise With Us

If you own or operate a national, regional or local business we can help promote you! Consider advertising your business, promotion, product, campaign, concert, play, movie or message  to consumers at one or all of our current e*Concepts locations. We are now located in DC, MD, NY, FL and in negotiations to be nationwide very soon! Locations include hotels, bars, liquor stores, trade shows and just about anywhere you see people. Many of our locations have over 500,000 visitors per year! If you are interested in a national campaign we can help you reach out to millions of potential consumers at one time. All ads rotate up to 14,000 times a month right on the front counter. Now that is exposure!

Ask about our introductory contract rate!


Please email inquires to kwilliams@econciergelive.com





New Link For Advertising Agencies


e*Concierge Live now offers advertising on the new sleek and sexy iPad2 right on the front desk of many well known hotels, apartment communities, businesses, trade shows and other industries! The brands you decide to advertise with  will catch the eyes of tourists, business travelers, employees, and local visitors each time they pass through the lobby. We would like to partner up with you to offer the brands consumers trust. If you are looking for exposure you’ve come to the right place.

A New Medium

Show off your brands utilizing the new and popular iPad2. It’s all over the news and television. The iPad craze is everywhere!

Inexpensive Advertising

Our rates are extremely reasonable! Take a look at our rates compared to other mediums you are currently trying. The more units you advertise on, the less expensive our rates get.

Long Term Campaigns

Lock in long term rates to ensure your ads will always stay present on each unit. Our contracts are typically one year. As we get new locations we wil approach you to see if you would like to expand your campaign.

Brand Exposure

Select locations will rotate your ads up to 13,000 times a month. Compare that to traditional advertising mediums. At select locations customers will have the ability to QR scan the ad, which will direct consumers to the brands web-site or current campaign.

Schedule A Demo Today!

If your company is looking for a concierge service, look no further! Schedule a demonstration with us to see how our e*Concierge Live concierge system can add value to your property. One of our new iPad 2 units can visually promote your business while providing a new and exciting private concierge service to your guests or tenants. While the iPad isn’t being used by e*Concierge Live, your company can show off key features of your property including restaurants, room packages, daily rates, room photos

…You name it!

Located next to each iPad includes a QR scan book which people can use to quick scan things like your company contact information and website, pizza delivery, local tours, metro maps, restaurants and much more! Click this picture to learn more about QR scanning.

Save Trees! i-nigma APP

Soon you will start to see our iPad devices at the front desk of many popular   hotels, motels, boutique hotels, tradeshows and other large events. You will notice a table tent or book sitting next to the device.  Each tent or book will include scannable QR codes that represent each of the advertiser on the iPad that you see.  Many of these advertisers will offer unique and money saving offers through us.  Feel free to also scan metro maps, contact information and yes even local pizza delivery. 

Using our unique program will no doubt save our planets trees. 

Here is how to get started :

1. (Using your phone) download i-nigma  www.i-nigma.com from your cellular providers APP Store.  If you already use a bar-code reader you can try to see if it works.

2. Visit one of our locations.

3. Open i-nigma or a favorite bar-code reader and focus the center of the aiming device over the ad that you like or want. Keep it still for up to few seconds.

4. The information or offer will appear on your phone screen. If the ad says present under the code you will need to save it.

5. i-nigma users – Press the menu key (tap the bottom right on the screen) and choose history and i-nigma will record it there for you. Non i-nigma users will have to  refer to their bar-code reader saving options.

6. At the time of transaction open i-nigma and show the participant proof of your ad.

It’s that simple!