New Link For Advertising Agencies


e*Concierge Live now offers advertising on the new sleek and sexy iPad2 right on the front desk of many well known hotels, apartment communities, businesses, trade shows and other industries! The brands you decide to advertise with  will catch the eyes of tourists, business travelers, employees, and local visitors each time they pass through the lobby. We would like to partner up with you to offer the brands consumers trust. If you are looking for exposure you’ve come to the right place.

A New Medium

Show off your brands utilizing the new and popular iPad2. It’s all over the news and television. The iPad craze is everywhere!

Inexpensive Advertising

Our rates are extremely reasonable! Take a look at our rates compared to other mediums you are currently trying. The more units you advertise on, the less expensive our rates get.

Long Term Campaigns

Lock in long term rates to ensure your ads will always stay present on each unit. Our contracts are typically one year. As we get new locations we wil approach you to see if you would like to expand your campaign.

Brand Exposure

Select locations will rotate your ads up to 13,000 times a month. Compare that to traditional advertising mediums. At select locations customers will have the ability to QR scan the ad, which will direct consumers to the brands web-site or current campaign.