Save Trees! i-nigma APP

Soon you will start to see our iPad devices at the front desk of many popular   hotels, motels, boutique hotels, tradeshows and other large events. You will notice a table tent or book sitting next to the device.  Each tent or book will include scannable QR codes that represent each of the advertiser on the iPad that you see.  Many of these advertisers will offer unique and money saving offers through us.  Feel free to also scan metro maps, contact information and yes even local pizza delivery. 

Using our unique program will no doubt save our planets trees. 

Here is how to get started :

1. (Using your phone) download i-nigma from your cellular providers APP Store.  If you already use a bar-code reader you can try to see if it works.

2. Visit one of our locations.

3. Open i-nigma or a favorite bar-code reader and focus the center of the aiming device over the ad that you like or want. Keep it still for up to few seconds.

4. The information or offer will appear on your phone screen. If the ad says present under the code you will need to save it.

5. i-nigma users – Press the menu key (tap the bottom right on the screen) and choose history and i-nigma will record it there for you. Non i-nigma users will have to  refer to their bar-code reader saving options.

6. At the time of transaction open i-nigma and show the participant proof of your ad.

It’s that simple!