e*Concierge Live is an Internet-based, face-to-face concierge service using the Skype Business portal. Guests will touch an icon on a iPad 2 or touch screen monitor and a remote live concierge will appear to help guests with their transportation, restaurant reservation, ticket sales, directions, child care, package delivery or any other concierge type service or needs. Guests can receive a printed, texted, emailed confirmation within minutes.

Here is how e*Concierge Live Works:

1.  Ask the front desk for the iPad

2.  Press the e*Concierge Live Icon

3.  Make your requests with the  e*Concierge Live representative

4.  Check your email for your Itinerary or confirmation

5.  Return the iPad to the front desk


Press play above to see how e*Concierge Live works.

Service Via Touchscreen

We provide you with iPad2 tablets or large-format touchscreen monitors to be placed in your lobby, lounge, hallways, guest rooms, or concierge desk. By simply touching the screen, guests initiate a video call to our remote concierge over a high-speed Internet connection.


Our e*Concierge Live service is billed by the hour so you are only charged for the hours you need. While the iPad isn’t being used by e*Concierge Live, your company can show off key features of your property including restaurants, room packages, daily rates, wine hours, room layouts, metro maps or anything you want.

You name it!

Taking Care of Every Request

We want what you want–to ensure your guests/tenants are pleased with their stay. We take care of every request, including:

  • Transportation, including taxis, airport shuttle, rental cars, sedan and limousine service
  • Restaurant reservations
  • Directions
  • Tickets to theaters, concerts, sporting events, amusement parks, tours, museums, and local attractions
  • Child and pet care services
  • Personal care such as spas, health clubs, and yoga studios
  • Maintenance and room requests
  • Room service orders
  • Amusement parks
  • Travel requests including airline and train reservations, advanced check in and boarding pass printing, weather and travel conditions, and flight status updates
  • Much more!